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3. Love Bomb: Lens of Love Spoken Word #EP03

In this recurring segment called Love Bombs, which is intended to create a space where creativity can express itself, Joe shares his Spoken Word slam, Lens of Love, that he performed at the inaugural Love Wave Live event.
Contact if you have a creative expression of love that you’d like to share on the podcast.  Is it a poem? Spoken word? A song?  Let us know!
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2. Take Off The Mask To Be Who You Really Are #EP02

In this episode, Joe speaks to our tendency to wear ‘public masks’ and use them as a place to hide, so we won’t be fully seen as who we really are.  He gives numerous examples of how mask wearing keeps us from living an authentic life.
Joe shares the framework he uses to mentor and coach others to release the expectations, the hurt and the pain of trying to hold it all together.  His antidote to “Take off the mask, face the truth, and open up to love” serve as the basis of a self-actualization journey.
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1. Welcome to the Lens of Love Podcast! #EP01

Joe Atalig kicks off the podcast sharing the heart of his story and his decision to step into his soul’s work: to teach, impart and demonstrate the undeniable possibilities when we look at life through the lens of love.
In this first episode, you’ll hear Joe share more about his life, his ‘Woke Moments’ that spurred a curiosity to question the things that he thought he understood about life, success and the pursuit of happiness.  What you’ll learn is that the hardships that Joe faced were actually the stepping stones that led him to start a “Love Wave” across the planet!
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