Monthly Archives: July 2019

Love Bomb: Making Love Loud w/Amy Dawn | EP09

Love Bomb Episode!  Listen to Amy Dawn, who delivers two spoken word poems and shares her mission to Make Love Loud!

Amy helps her clients reconnect with their own unique inner light and selves through the power of body painting, soul painting, intuitive sessions and energy healing. Experience the love vibration she exudes as you listen.

Connect with Amy at  Email:  Facebook: @amydawnsbeloved  IG: @amydawns1111

Love Insights from a Healing Soul w/Jenny Marshall | EP08

Jenny Marshall is on a journey of healing. Experience her incredible journey of overcoming morbid obesity. She has lost more than 250 lbs, and though it has not been easy, she shares that the life she now has made it worthwhile.

Her evolution is much more than the change in appearance and behavior. The transformation of her inner self has been the key to overcoming obesity, and love has been the key to this transformation.

​Visit Jenny at  Find her on Facebook @gentleheartthoughts. Email:

Love on Every Billboard w/John Pogachar EP07

Can you even imagine? Can you feel what it would be like to no longer be bombarded by advertising, manipulation and sales tactics, and instead be surrounded by messages that reflect back to you the most important things in life?

“Underneath all of the conditioning, consumerism, stress and fear, we believe everyone is whole and complete. It is our mission to support the planet in remembering who they really are.”  

These words are from John Pogachar, the Founder and Visionary of Love on Every Billboard.  Listen to John share the incredible story of this movement, and how it’s iimpacting people across the world.

Visit the movement at

Long Distance Love Bombs w/Dr. Jeremy Goldberg | EP06

LOVE BOMB EPISODE!  Dr. Jeremy Goldberg leaves everything on the mic as he pours out his passion to make kindness cool, empathy popular and compassion commonplace.  Jeremy’s intention to create a breathtaking life is undeniable, and you will experience his zest to serve the world!

Jeremy is a writer/blogger, Tedx Talk Speaker, and author of the book “It’ll Be Okay, and You Will Be Too.”  Additionally, Dr. Goldberg hosts retreats and workshops all over the world, hosts is own podcast “Long Distance Love Bombs”, and is of course, a spoken word poet who delivers two stirring pieces on the podcast!

You can find Jeremy at in addition to his growing communities on Facebook and Instagram (@longdistancelovebombs).