Long Distance Love Bombs w/Dr. Jeremy Goldberg | EP06

LOVE BOMB EPISODE!  Dr. Jeremy Goldberg leaves everything on the mic as he pours out his passion to make kindness cool, empathy popular and compassion commonplace.  Jeremy’s intention to create a breathtaking life is undeniable, and you will experience his zest to serve the world!

Jeremy is a writer/blogger, Tedx Talk Speaker, and author of the book “It’ll Be Okay, and You Will Be Too.”  Additionally, Dr. Goldberg hosts retreats and workshops all over the world, hosts is own podcast “Long Distance Love Bombs”, and is of course, a spoken word poet who delivers two stirring pieces on the podcast!

You can find Jeremy at www.longdistancelovebombs.com in addition to his growing communities on Facebook and Instagram (@longdistancelovebombs).